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Gambling addiction also affects those around the gambler

Its footprint overshadows family, friends & work colleagues.

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Issues of depression, stress, financial hardship, low self esteem, excessive alcohol and drug use, self loathing, lying, stuck in a vicious circle – sound familiar ?

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Welcome to Betknowmore

Welcome to Betknowmore UK. We are a gambling support service, with a mission to provide support and education services to address problematic issues caused by gambling.

Betknowmore UK is working tirelessly to raise awareness, deliver more support services and through education, take away the social stigma attached to gambling addiction. We have set up gambling support hubs in London and our services aid both individuals and other organisations.

The Founder of Betknowmore UK is a former gambling addict. Frankie Graham lived with a gambling addiction for nearly 20 years prior to successful recovery in 2006. Driven by that personal experience and a belief that much, much, more needs to be done in terms of service provision for gambling dependency, Betknowmore UK was launched in 2014.

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Betknowmore UK - The People's Project finalist!

ACT Toolkit

Betknowmore UK is extremely proud to be selected as a finalist in this year's The Peoples Project. Our project is called, 'Is your community 'gambling' with its health and wellbeing?' We have launched support hubs and need more staff to help our local community address problems caused by problem gambling and addiction.

Please vote for us by clicking on the link below:

Your vote can make a huge difference - gambling addiction is not only about losing money...

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A Different Approach

Around 70% of the UK population will gamble this year, encouraged by huge amounts of advertising and new ways to bet, like phone apps. For those that develop a dependency on gambling, it can have a terrible impact on their life and not just theirs. Each gambling addiction will effect on average 10 other people. This ‘Ripple Effect’ harms mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, causes unmanageable debt, triggers cross addiction and crime. Yet the lack of support services and social stigma attached to gambling addiction, means that only around 10% of gambling dependent people get the help and treatment they need. Suicide and self-harm rates are very high amongst gambling addicts.

Betknowmore UK provides support and education services to address problem gambling and addiction. We believe much more needs to be done to help individuals and communities, achieved by raising awareness, increased education and more support services.

We need your support, we are a small team and the demand is great. There is zero funding from the government and the number of people requiring support is growing.




ACT Toolkit

Somebody you know will have a problem with gambling….

Betknowmore UK works with local and national charities to co-produce gambling support services, aiming for quality, value and maximum impact.

We are not funded by the gambling industry and would like to see a review of the gambling support sector by the government.

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Our Services


FOBT – A closer look

What are Fixed Odds Betting Terminals? Why are politicians talking about them and why are they called the ‘crack cocaine’ of gambling? We take a closer look...

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GaMS Hubs

Betknowmore UK provides information and supports research around the issue of problematic gambling...

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ACT mentoring service

The ACT mentoring programme has been specially designed to provide you with the tools and resources needed to combat your addiction and aid...

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Community Services

Gambling support and education has to be made available for all…

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Workshops and Presentations

Require more information and knowledge about gambling addiction? Our workshops provide a one stop solution. Part factual, part drama, it is a...

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Our Impact

Betknowmore UK is striving to maximise impact by embracing new ideas...

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